Common Core State Standards in MMSD classrooms

GRUMPS sponsored a forum on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in October 2014.  The main focus of the forum was to show how the standards are being implemented in the classroom.  We urge you to view the following five videos from the forum; each is less than 15 minutes long and the one with Superintendent Jennifer Cheatham is less than five minutes.

These videos showcase MMSD teachers who are deeply involved with implementing Common Core in Madison schools – at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Tamara Maxwell, MMSD Literacy Coordinator, provides background and the history of Common Core. Superintendent Cheatham summarizes the District’s significant investment in Common Core.

Schools throughout Wisconsin have dedicated considerable time and resources to the implementation of Common Core. If the Wisconsin legislature mandates the creation of a new, Wisconsin-specific version of this program, they will cause further disruption in the education of state students and continued uncertainty in our public schools. 

The merits of Common Core, as an instructional vehicle, are still being debated in the education community, but merely replacing the current version with a state-specific program is not a logical response. It will be a very costly and disruptive change as, once again, public school educators will be required to change their education delivery program to meet the whim of politicians!

Common Core Explained:

Video 1: Introduction to, and history of, Common Core (Tamara Maxell, MMSD Literacy Coordinator)

Video 2: Common Core Language Arts in Elementary School (Sandburg Third Grade Team - Rhianon Leaver, Erin Palmer, Ashley Coblentz)

Video 3: Common Core Math in Middle School (Kristina Whiting, Middle School Math Specialist)

Video 4: Common Core English in High School (Amy J. Isensee, English Department Chair, East High School)


Video 5: MMSD Investments in Common Core (Superintendent Jennifer Cheatham)



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